Organizations spend millions of dollars on transforming their company towards Agility. But most of those companies don’t have a consistent, in-depth, quantifiable approach to assessing their Agile journey. And, definitely not one over time. Other similar tools on the market are outdated and behind on the times on technology and innovation.

So, how is our Agile Adoption Maturity tool different than the competitors out there? Here are some facts about the A2M cloud-based tool:

  • Custom Agile maturity models based on your organization's context.
  • Re-run the same Agile maturity model as often as you want to generate learnings and correlations across time.
  • Generate deep learnings through our AI and propriety heuristics algorithms for recommended suggestions on how to improve.
  • Download in report ready format that can be easily converted to PDF or inserted into a presentation.
  • We account for actual metrics and KPIs, more survey data points, qualitative feedback, and cover several frameworks and roles.
  • The surveys can be truly anonymous versus pseudo anonymous.
  • Value Stream Analysis.
  • Scalable across an organization at a much more competitive cost.

So, what frameworks, methods, roles, and organization levels do we cover:

  • Enterprise
  • Agile Sales
  • Agile Marketing
  • Agile Legal
  • Agile Talent
  • Agile Finance
  • Agile Supply Chain Management
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Scrum Team
  • Program Portfolio
  • Lean Kanban Program Portfolio
  • Lean Kanban Team
  • SAFe Portfolio
  • SAFe Large Solution
  • SAFe Program
  • SAFe Team

So, how else do we help you optimize flow?

A2M analysis a sequence of activities an organization performs to address a customer’s request by supporting Value Stream Workshops. A2M VSW maps the current flow of information and material, generates an ideal future state, and puts forth a high-level plan to achieve the future state.

If people tell you that an Agile discovery tool won't work, they don't have your best interest in mind or does not know better. A manual approach is not sustainable for obvious reasons, and no one person or team can replicate what we just mentioned above in a faster lead time that is human error proof, than our tool. Lastly, AI and Machine Learning is the FUTURE!